Shaman botanicals is a company born in Kansas City, MO as a direct result of the power of Hemp and its ability to produce a more natural relief for so many today. The owner of the company witnessed the awe inspiring power of relief brought to his family members by Hemp. Therefore he dropped everything, quitting his day job and dedicating his life to getting this wonderful substance into the people’s hands. From serious conditions like seizures and Parkinson’s disease, to every day pains of arthritis or migraines, people all over the world have been talking about these natural Hemp infused products as their go to natural supplements. You can shop with them online now by clicking the image above, This Link or the button below! Our franchise is located at Matlock and 20 in Arlington Texas, BUT you don’t have to be there to support us and get your products!


What is it?

C.B.D. or Can-na-bi-di-ol is a substance found in the father plant to the popular psycho active Cannabis, known as Hemp. It was legalized in 2014 in all 50 states in the U.S. and then Hemp itself was taken off of the drug schedule in December 2018 when the Farm bill was signed. The substance does not have the same psychoactive properties as its sister plant because it contains very little to none of the intoxicating substance T.H.C. The signing of the farm bill was a time for joy as Hemp was added to the non toxic lists for farming and cultivation federally. This is a massive step in the right direction for the healing power of natural supplements like these. As we continue to move forward with legalization and decriminalization, we will heal this world.

What does it do?

In your body, you have a system that produces and uses the substance regularly. As time goes on and we grow older, eating foods without complete sets of nutrition in them, we develop deficiencies. Nature provided us with the Hemp plant loaded with Terpene and other CB substance rich oils in order for us to supplement our Endo-Cannabinoid system. This system is responsible for the nerve clusters attached directly to your cell bodies. It is the conductor for the orchestras that are your cell clusters. American shaman brings you the most exotic and technologically advanced line of Hemp infused supplemental oils, edibles and vape.


Most Hemp oil you can find today is an Isolate of a single piece of the entire puzzle. This means only one part of these cannabinoids is present in the oil. What benefits us the most is when we acquire a Full Spectrum oil. The CO2 extraction method used by technicians at American Shaman and Shaman Botanicals produces this effect by pulling all substances from the plant into the oil. In their newest line of products known as the Water Soluble and Cloud products, a technology called Nano Separation is used to break the oil into tiny molecular clusters that then are then suspended in water.

This is beneficial to you as the consumer in 2 ways. The tiny clusters are considered water soluble because they will not easily regroup into an oil just by swishing them around. Therefore inside the body they more easily follow the natural flow of water. This means a faster acting product that brings relief to all areas of the body, and it is able to flow around the body longer by avoiding digestive enzymes like MAO and Stiolis. Though American Shaman does still carry the tincture, or under the tongue style Hemp infused products, this new technology and its products are taking off by word of mouth across the eastern US so far.

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Water Soluble

Our line of Water Solubles comes in four unique flavors. Natural, which has kind of a woody plant taste for those used to that kind of thing, Pina Colada, for those who wish to feel as if they have taken a beach vacation. Cherry Limeade and the customer favorite, Grapewhich I personally add to my coffee for an interesting combination that produces synergistic effect.

Water solubles can be added to any drink, hot or cold and in some cases as stated about my coffee, can make for an interesting addition to the flavor of your beverages. Just adding this type of product to a glass of water twice a day can bring you the supplemental relief of Full Spectrum Hemp oils!


The Cloud

Cloud products are nano’s just like the water solubles, but are then added to a couple of natural and organic oils that create the versatility of this line of products. Cloud can be added to any drink, hot or cold, placed under the tongue for 15 seconds and the swished to

Go give it a try, you may discover things C.B.D. can return to your life that you didn’t know you could experience again. Here’s a short list of the current flavors found in Cloud:

  • Watermelon
  • Grape
  • Natural
  • Blueberry Moon
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Cool Berry
  • Tropical punch
  • Cherry Limeade


A huge benefit of Vaporizing is that you can absorb in seconds, bringing immediate relief to some ailments. Instead of having to wit the 15 minutes or longer for tinctures to absorb sublingually and internally, a smaller serving of C.B.D. can be inhaled straight past the blood brain barrier and through out the body quickly. Though each puff on a vaporizer is not as strong of a serving as the water soluble or cloud, it is a way to get the same amount over time or supplement your regular C.B.D. regimen.

How It Works!

In this short educational video, Dr. Asher Milgrom explains exactly how it travels through your system and effects your nerve clusters to reform and heal your pains!


Thank you for your time reading this information, I hope that it has been helpful to you and that you now feel more comfortable about what C.B.D. is and how it can help you. Thank you for doing your part to support our cause, bringing relief to the world!

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