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Geek Needs

Geek Needs is only the beginning. The start of something great. While it may house some awkward mechanics, it is a foundation on which great things may be able to fruit into actual positive change for the societies of this world. Its projects intended to shape the way others think about what we can provide to and for this world. I am starting a movement, in which you may sign up and support the cause for one US dollar per month. I am starting this by myself at first with no help, but with every dollar ill increase the ability to gain the necessary help. Your dollar is a gift to this cause that does not invade your wallet with some $50 or $1000 pledge to some PBS false promise, but $1 you wont miss each month to a true cause to save this world, its natural creatures, and its people from unnecessary suffering and sacrifice. The best part is, I use paypal, which gives you the power to stop it at any time if you do not see the progress you like. THANK YOU, for your faith and your support.

Clay Akin

I am simple, thought filled and long term goal oriented. I have dreams, and they roll into each other, I may even refer to myself as a visionary in that most of my mental creations are to better the entire world, but I remain humble to any real titles. We can make this world a better place not by making good long term investments for ourselves, but by coming together in a way that is not financially invasive to the average person, and moves the world in very big ways. I created Geek Needs initially as a platform for affiliate marketing and to start growing funds that way for the projects that absolutely need to get off the ground. Yet I am not satisfied with that method of accumulating the necessary funding to continue. I operate under the business name Four Horseman Systems as a father to all of my projects. I believe in transparency to a higher degree than most, and have experienced the greed of corporate America through various work opportunities and direct business relationships. I too have suffered from my own greed, and wish to change that not by giving it all up and being happy with what we get from corporations, but by helping to provide a real avenue of streaming creativity in technology, art, business and social interactivity, while creating jobs and opportunities for growth in projects that assist in reconnecting us with nature as well as further our existence as humanity. I wish to see a better world, and I wish to have your $1 on my side. 

Current Active Projects