Dollar For The World

Your Participation Matters Most!

Welcome to your opportunity to save the world, One Dollar at a time, Once a month. There is no catch! Every dollar funded to this project will be put to work developing working models based on new ideas that are intended to better our relationship with the planet, nature, and it’s phenomenal creatures, including us humans.




  Can we come together to change what matters most!


Can a plant like
Hemp save the
world we

You may choose to donate a one time fee to the cause for the us of our teams to perform our calling, to help the world become better, and to help us become better for it. This is a one time donation of $5 to our cause. You are giving this money to us so that we may use it at our disclosure. 


Your donation is only that, a donation, it does not entitle you to ownership or any reward should we succeed in any project or cause to help this world. This money is placed in our possession for our use in any and all ways we decide with or without input from the donor. Your donation is a taxable donation, we will appropriately pay taxes on any income from any source to us as a company or entity performing actions for the planet and our environment. We take no responsibility for the amount you choose to donate to any open ended donations, and it is up to the donor to ensure the proper amount is entered before submitting. Thank you for reading this and for your assistance to help this world become something better. Have a nice day!