Helping Hand


         Saving the homeless populations of this world has never left my mind. I view everyone homeless in my community as a person, and I view every person as an opportunity to do better. If you are against helping the homeless I understand, there are a lot of jerks out there pretending and reaping the benefits of everyone’s handouts. There are also a lot of sick people with seemingly helpless disorders and incredible medical debts that can easily be handled or wiped with the right guidance. I’m here to stop that, and to honestly, and accurately care for those members of our society who have become lost in this wild place. When you see a lost puppy wearing a collar what do you do? Do you cuss it out, ignore it, splash it with rain puddles, tell it to get? No, you stop and read the tag and try to find it’s way back home. Why? Because you’re a good person, and you know the innocence of a dog in need. Well, I’m here to propose that people are led down those paths are not always at fault, with big banks in power, not enough taught to the public about what to say and do in situations related to emergency or trauma, how to handle great changes in life and so on. We are all capable of becoming homeless, it just takes one life event to spiral someone into a repeating hit after hit of financial crisis and lack of direction. There seems to be a lack of help for these people, those who got so deep in the spiral they were literally lost to any answer. Drug use is no excuse to hate a human being, someone in Highschool who was handed the wrong pipe at the wrong time and told it was cool can severely damage their brain if they take too much of a substance they are sensitive to, and cause immediate seemingly irreversible trauma and even hardened addiction, just from that first use. While I am one to believe you absolutely need to research ins and outs on anything you put in your body, I am also aware that the psychological pressure one puts on themselves i nthe presence of friends and acquaintances is present in everyone.

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